Unfolding the buzz word – Computer Vision

 Computer Vision – View Beyond Ordinary Lenses

Computer Vision is the latest buzz word in the market and so do people want to know it in detail. Well, we would like to congratulate you that you just landed at the right place for the right information. Without any delay, by breaking the curiosity here we go!

In simpler terms taking the day to day scenario, when you look around and see people in the mob your brain processes the visuals you just saw and instantly tries to figure out the faces you might have known personally i.e.; You get to know who is a stranger, who is a man or a woman, who is a kid or an adult. On the other hand, a computer can look at the same image and see nothing if we deem it so, but with computer vision, it can detect objects and people within the image and identify all the faces, can also determine close ages of everyone in the picture, and even certainly tell you about everyone’s emotions whether they are happy or sad.

Face Landmark Detection
Pic Credit: Dataconomy | Face Recognition

This brings great pleasure knowing that world’s top IT companies like Google, Facebook and Apple Inc. have been using computer vision technology in their products. Apple Inc. has implemented this technology in its just launched iPhone X where your face is now your password. They named it Face ID that is a secure new way to unlock and authenticate your device. Further, Google Goggles is one another product which has already proved that the concept of computer vision is no longer an imagination now. Facebook has been using this technology in photo posts where it auto-tags your friends using image recognition like techniques.
Knowing these kinds of stuff is really encouraging, thus taking this eagerness forward let’s move and understand a bit more about computer vision and its relative terms.


The Possibilities With Computer Vision – “Eye of the world”

There are immense number of opportunities that have been brought up by Computer Vision, Have a look below –

Smile to pay - Alibaba
Pic Credit: Linked IN | Smile to pay – Alipay
  1. Image Recognition in healthcare – medical is the one field where computer vision is impacting majorly, according to Healthcare IT News – 90% of the medical data is in the form of image/videos.
  2. Image Recognition in driver-less cars – Google’s self-driving cars are the live example of what can be done using the technology like computer vision. Here is a great article on it, have a look – How google cars detect and avoid obstacles
  3. Traffic Monitoring – traffic congestion can be smartly avoided by using the technologies like computer vision and image processing along with google maps.
  4. Smile To Pay – Recently, Alibaba has come up with a product where facial recognition technology allows a customer to pay by literally flashing a smile. For further details, have a look at this article.
  5. Biometric – face recognition can be used to mark your attendance smartly without using any pen-paper or fingerprints. There is another live application of face recognition, you must have noticed the auto-tag feature of Facebook where it automatically tells you to tag your friend in a group picture.
  6. Emotion Recognition – once the camera detects your face it would be very easy to identify your facial expressions whether you are happy or sad until you expressionless.
  7. And countless more…..


Is Artificial Intelligence different from Computer Vision?

Artificial Intelligence has been a very vast field, researchers and scientists trying to make machines that are self-capable of learning by training them to learn and perform tasks logically like humans. It means futuristic machines will be capable of understanding your language and will be able to live-chat with you just like your friend and will also be able to recognize the objects and humans just by analyzing the visual data. So, the technologies like speech recognition, natural language processing, deep learning and computer vision will be used in order to build AI powered futuristic machines. The conclusion comes out as –

Yes, artificial intelligence and computer vision are different. Computer Vision is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, where the “smart” things involve imitating the human vision whereas, AI includes all possible things that are associated with humans.

Is Image Processing same as Computer Vision?

The precise answer is NO but here is the difference that needs to be noticed –

In short, if your goal is to enhance the image by doing some transformations, smoothening or sharpening for later use then it’s called as Image Processing. The input and output during image processing are images only whereas, if your main goal is to emulate human vision, like object recognition, defect detection or automatic driving, then it is closer to computer vision. Computer Vision enables to make inferences and take actions based on visual inputs.
Well, not everything we see is green. Since this technology is still under research and development, there are few challenges with computer vision as well that can not be avoided like there is a scope for increasing the accuracy and precision of image recognition. It is difficult to detect and recognize things in poor lighting conditions and if the image is hazy or the camera angle is not accurate.


What’s Big Coming Next?

Computer Vision
Pic Credit: Huawei

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