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Enhancing Machines With Human Intelligence

AIMagnifi is an Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision based company. We primarily aim to target the unexplored combination of retail sector with the power of AI. The foundation of the company was laid in 2017 by Mr. Neeraj Kumar and Mr.Devarshi Mishra. We currently have an essence of expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics. The Domains around which the company currently gyrates are Retail and Security sectors. We target to bring out the best outcomes out of these areas that would ultimately personalize and enhance the experience of the end-user.

Our vision is to explore the futuristic architecture of AI and Computer Vision. We aim to transform the business experience by generating high revenues and deduce the costs using the potential of Intelligent Learning systems.

Our mission is to develop an Intelligent platform by incorporating human intelligence into machines.

We are proud to be a part of Startup India. We have been selected among India's Top-100 emerging startup companies, who'll receive subsistence grant & support for the next 1 year under NATIONAL INITIATIVE FOR DEVELOPING AND HARNESSING INNOVATIONS - ENTREPRENEUR IN RESIDENCE (NIDHI-EIR) program by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

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