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"Retail Is Detail - James Gulliver"

AIMagnifi is B2B retail-tech company, which primarily focus on enhancing the customer experience in the retail sector with the power of futuristic technologies. Currently solving the problem of 'Long Queues' while shopping and 'Personalized Shopping Experience' using facial recognition and machine learning.

Our vision is to build a queue-free world along with super-personalized customer experience.

Our mission is to make people's life easier and better by reinventing the way they shop and experience things.


Our Team

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results.”

Saarthak Bakshi

Strategic Advisor | Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Neeraj Kumar

Co-Founder | CMO

Devarshi Mishra

Co-Founder | CTO

Sagun Sharma

Graphics Designer

Prashant Gaur

Business Strategist

Bhaskar Malviya

Digital Marketeer

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